What You Need To Know Before You Go. Airport Security and Your Cruise.

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Airport/Pier Security If You Are Taking A Cruise

Please be aware of the increased security taking place at airports and piers:
  • For airline flights; be sure that you have proper photo identification before you leave home. Acceptable forms of identification are a valid photo driver's license, an active passport or a photo employee identification from a county, state or federal agency
  • Check with your airline prior to leaving home on updates about ID documentation, departure times and schedule changes.
  • For cruises; US Citizens will need a valid photo driver's license plus a valid passport or an original or copy of your birth certificate (with a raised seal) You may need other documentation: Contact your cruise line for the Correct Proof of Citizenship and Proof of Identity required. Failure to have the proper documentation at check-in at the airport and pier will result in denied boarding. You will not get a refund from the cruise line or airline in that case.
  • Children must also present passport or certified birth certificate. Photocopies are not accepted.
  • Baggage may no longer will be accepted for check in at curbside or at off-airport locations. Luggage can be checked at the airport within four hours of flight time. New baggage security measures require screening every bag. Airlines are expected to use a combination of four approved methods: bomb-sniffing dogs, explosive-detection machines, hand searches of luggage and bag matching - making sure that every bag belongs to a passenger aboard a plane. New airline regulations require you to get your luggage to the ticket counter ( in line doesn't count ) or to a curbside check-in station at least 30 minutes before departure. For passengers who fail to do so, you face losing your seat on the plane.
  • Ticketed passengers only will be permitted in the airport arrival and departure gate areas.
  • E-Ticket holders must have one of the following documents indicating a flight departure for the current date: a boarding pass or paper ticket, receipt for an electronic ticket (e-ticket), or an itinerary generated by an airline or travel agency.
  • Special arrangements must be made to provide gate passes for parents or guardians of unaccompanied minors and passengers with special needs. Unaccompanied minors and passengers with special needs are required to go to the airport ticket counter to check in.
  • Unaccompanied minors will be accepted only on nonstop flights.
  • Embark and Debark process at pier may take longer due to additional security measures.
  • At piers; strict enforcement of required identification and nationality/travel papers. For customs and immigration purposes, guests are also required to have necessary visa, passport and other travel authorization documents based upon nationality and country of residence.
  • There will be an increased presence of law enforcement and security personnel at airports and piers. There also will be heightened vigilance. Never leave your bags unattended. Be prepared for:
    A thorough search and security check of all airplanes and airport before passengers are allowed to enter and board aircraft; Search of all flight crews and service personnel; Physical searches of carry-on and checked bags, and 100% passenger/bag matching; Wand screening of everyone immediately before boarding.
  • Please do not carry sharp or pointed items of any kind beyond the security checkpoints (either on the person or in carry-on items). Pointed objects including knitting needles, nail clippers, scissors, knives of any blade length are not permitted. Such items are allowed in checked baggage. Cardboard emery boards for nail filing are permitted.
  • Many airports, as a result of the heightened security procedures, are reporting passenger processing times of between two (2) to three (3) hours or longer. Expect delays and longer lines at the airport and the pier.
  • To check on information about your hometown airport check : http://www.airports.com/us/names.html
  • DISCLAIMER: As the information contained herein is subject to change without notice at anytime, Guests are urged to contact your ticketing airline/cruise line for further information and the latest traveler updates.
    Note: Now more than ever we recommend you consider the purchase of trip/vacation interruption insurance. If you have not done so, contact Travel Guard International at 1-800-248-8992, please be sure to mention our name and CLIA code 00528953.

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