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  • The Cruise Channel with Raye & Marty Trencher offers vacationers insight into the world of cruising with help from travel and cruising experts and media guests. Research Cruises To Find The Best Cruise Deals, Read the Cruise Reviews. Find information for choosing the best cruise ships, most popular destinations, staterooms, to cruise tips to prepare for your cruise. Explore cruises close to home or travel to the far reaches of the World.

  • In addition to unique weekly topics, behind the scenes stories, exclusive insight, the show features special giveaways, and highlights the cruise industry's legacy of providing experiences that are unique and not found on other vacations and delivering innovative, shows, entertainment and activities that challenge your imagination.

  • What you need to know BEFORE you cruise. Cruise reviews, articles , compare discount cruise deal rates and helpful cruise tips.

  • Without the right information, traveling around the world can lead to some rough going, as it's often hard to find information specifically for savvy travelers. Fortunately, your search is over. 

  • From planning to packing, from discount rates to departure dates, everything you need to know before you go. Add your own article....share the experience. Go explore.....

      Also visit: All About Cruising 70 Best Cruise Ships Ultimate Packing Tips

    A Travelers' Guide To Savings

    Cruise Blog: From planning to packing, from discount rates to departure dates, everything you need to know before you go. Top Cruise and Land and Sea Vacation Deals,

    Save on Travel Worldwide.

    Pay Less to CRUISE, FLY, Stay AND ENJOY The WorLD's

    Most Popular Destinations

    If you itch for an out-of-town weekend excursion, or an all inclusive two week vacation, here's a one-stop shop for hotel deals in alluring destinations worldwide. Catch a hula dance in Honolulu, sip on high tea near Buckingham Palace, or lounge poolside in Beijing. Just click on the link(s) of your choice in the list below for great flight, hotel and vacation deals, or check out our Top Vacation Package List section to see what's new.


    A Travelers' Guide To Savings is a travel site offering great advice for people who've traveled all over, from the Bahamas to Bali, from Asia to Africa, from Mexico to the Mediterranean and beyond. It is a straight forward unbiased travel resource for the married couple, family, multi-generational or single traveler. A Cruise Traveler Magazine presentation, packed with some of the best money-saving cruise tips, including where to vacation, cruise, what to wear, where to dine, shop, play and pamper yourself. The Travelers' Guide To Savings provides insightful information, hotel and cruise reviews, hotel , flight and vacation deals and know-how on where to explore, entertain, enrich and enjoy life as you visit the world's most interesting, romantic and exotic destinations. There's even a helpful list of websites dedicated to travel to help you plan your cruise.


    Welcome  - Raye & Marty Trencher, Editor and Publisher, Cruise Traveler Magazine


    Just some of the things to see and do here....

    Whether you're planning a romantic cruise for two, a resort weekend getaway,  or city break, our Travelers Guide to Savings? web site is where people come to get the inside scoop on where to go, what to see and do and how to have the most fun on vacation.


    If you haven't decided where to go, what ship to sail or what hotel or resort to choose; read the hotel and cruise reviews, cruise ships and vacation destination lists. You will find them well organized, easy to navigate. They make for great "idea" starters.


    Okay, for anyone who loves to travel by air, or is considering a cruise, you must check out our Travelers' Guide to Savings Blog. The blog offers the latest cruise and travel tips, where to go, cruise, what to do on land or sea, what to wear, where to dine, shop, play and pamper yourself.


    Plus cruise travel news focused on savvy travelers. And check out the best places, out of over 1600 destinations across the world to visit?  Search no more. You've arrived.



    About Your Hosts

    Cruise Travel Advisors, Authors and Publishers Raye & Marty Trencher are a husband and wife team with more than 30 years experience cruising the world sailing thousands of nautical miles, visiting ports of call, inspecting ships, sampling itineraries and critiquing shore excursions They are the Editors and Publishers of Cruise Traveler Magazine and Cruise Reviews Online. Their mission is plain and simple.  Provide tips and resources to help first-time cruisers and seasoned travelers navigate the web in search of the best cruise deals, objective cruise reviews and cruise destination information.


    All About Cruising- Ask The Experts Guide


    Are you looking for cruise tips, advice, destination information and where to find the best cruise deals. We've created a 16 page online guide for first-time cruisers to research cruise destinations and find some of the best cruise deals on the web without having to navigate through hundred's of web sites to find what they want. The Guide takes you to a choice of 16 of the world's most desirable destinations, provides background information on each locale, detailed city guides to get around, and what cruise lines go there.


    Read the Ask The Experts Cruise Guide


    Last Minute Cruises and Cruise Deals Sale

    Find Cheap Cruises up to 80% Off! Compare offers: Cruises with FREE upgrades. Cruises with FREE  onboard Spending Credits.  Search all: Last Minute Cruise Deals, Last Minute Cruise Ship Sailings and Last Minute Cruise Line Offers.


    Travelers' Guide To Savings 
    Travelers' Guide To Savings - Why Are Cruises A Good value? - Find Top Cruise, Hotel, Flight, Car and Vacation Deals. It is a straight forward money-saving travel guide to savings


    Family Guide To Cruising 
    Family cruise vacation advice for a family going on a cruise and families who are planning on a cruise, family cruise vacation, or multigenerational family reunion.



    Did You Know....

    The most overlooked way to stretch your dollar is to form your own cruise group.

    Traveling with family or friends, or both, can lower costs enough so you can travel even when the economies not that good. Of course, most of us don't have the time - or inclination - to make the calls and do the research for an entire group. It's a big job. On the other hand, booking a  group cruise is easy for a professional travel agent. Your agent can create a package that works for you, while your group will realize across-the-board savings  from group discounts that your agent discovers.


    Find out more information about Group Cruise Deals



    What do you like?

    Last minute - All Inclusive - Family Fun - Adventure - Beach & Sun - Cruse Tours - History &Culture - Romance - Shopping


    Take a moment and view the videos and get inspired to cruise and

    check out our "All About" series of Destination Articles.


    Quick Tips

    Did You Know?

    You Can Get Exclusive Cruise Savings Based On Where You Live!


    Resident Rates


    Looking for new ways to cruise for less? Here's a cruise tip that even experienced cruisers may not know. Start your search for a low-cost cruise by researching resident rates. Where you live could entitle you to exclusive savings.


    Once on a travel providers website, just click on your home state or region to unlock special fares. Plus, while you're shopping, look for resident rate reminders under the price.


    Cruise & Travel


    Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Travel Insurance.


    We invite you to experience Alaska with a front-row seat to Alaska's Best Glaciers. Alaska as only we can show you. Two glacier-viewing experiences on every single departure of the most popular itinerary - Voyage of the Glaciers. You'll spend a day in unforgettable Glacier Bay National Park, with its massive tidewater glaciers and pristine scenery. You'll also visit Prince William Sound's College Fjord, with its 16 magnificent glaciers, or Hubbard Glacier - the longest tidewater glacier in Alaska. Extend you Alaska adventure.


    Seniors Guide to Cruising
    Seniors continue to make up a significant segment of the cruise industry. However, there are some things that seniors should consider when booking a cruise.


    Cruise Blog: From planning to packing, from discount rates to departure dates, everything you need to know before you go. 

    More Resources


    All About Cruising

    Explore, relax or reconnect. Find the cruise destination of your choice. Ask The Experts then, choose a cruise that's right for you.

    Cruise Deal Secrets Revealed!

    Keyword list helps cruisers find cruise deals online. "How to" steps make the process faster, easier and more productive.

    20 Winning Strategies To Finding The Best Cruise Deals

    Follow this strategy to savings, great fun and fond memories.

    Personalized Cruise Recommendations just for you!

    Driving Directions To Pier

    Use our new Interactive Driving Directions Program. Get step-by-step directions and a FREE Map.

    Airport and Pier Security

    Find what you need to do, if you are taking a cruise

    2200 Ports-of-Call Cruise Guide

    Research over 2,200 Ports of Call Worldwide. What to See and Do. Who Sails Where!

    1500 Of The Best Cruise Reviews

    Read thousands of cruise ship, cruise line reviews and cruise ratings by travelers and cruise experts of today's most popular cruise ships.

    E-mail the Editors

    Send us your questions or comments about Cruise Traveler Magazine articles, content, and features.


    What to pack for a cruise? - ultimate cruise packing list gives you everything you need to take on a cruise vacation, Add your own packing tip, share your expereince with others.

    Packing For Your Cruise. The Ultimate Cruise Packing List

    Learn what to pack for a cruise. Packing for a Cruise is easy when you know what works best.  Here you can learn what to pack for a cruise and get your own personalized cruise packing list. Everything You Need to Take on a Cruise Vacation......


    Learn how to pack light, avoid bag fees and still have room for those must-have souvenirs.  Use our Ultimate Cruise Packing List to make sure you have everything you'll need for your cruise vacation.

    Be sure to read our Top 10 Packing Tips for a cruise.



    Top 10 Tips For Stretching Vacation Dollars On A Cruise Vacation

    Here are some tips for planning a value-added cruise vacation

    CLIA member cruise lines offer inclusive pricing. Accommodations, meals, entertainment, use of most ship's facilities, and transportation from destination to destination are all included in the cruise price; this means the consumer is already off to a great start in realizing value for money spent.

    Cruises are offered in every possible price category. Spend a little or spend a lot; it's easy to pick the line that matches your budget. Cruises come in every length, from three days to three months. If budget is a high priority, pick a shorter cruise.
    CLIA member cruise lines operate all over the world. By picking an "off season" destination - the Caribbean this summer, for example - travelers can often save money without losing any of the fun, excitement and pleasure of vacationing in the tropics.


    Shopping for a cruise can be fun and rewarding.

    Take home a cruise deal today!

    With a weak U.S. dollar, planning a European cruise and paying in advance, in dollars, often represents added value compared to a European vacation paid in local currencies.  On most ships, the price of your cruise is based on your choice of accommodations, nothing else. Most ships offer a wide choice of inside and ocean view staterooms, staterooms with balconies, even suites.


    If budget is a consideration, choose an inexpensive inside stateroom and enjoy the same dining, entertainment and use of ship's facilities as everyone else.  Most CLIA member ships offer a wide variety of accommodations. If spacious, luxurious accommodations are your top priority, choose a cruise line whose suites match your budget.


    Cruises are an ideal choice for families, extended families and friends who want to share a memorable vacation. Put together your own group of cruisers and ask for a group rate.


    There are more than 30 homeports for cruise ships in the United States. Wherever you live, pick a cruise you can drive to in order to save on the cost of airfare.


    Who to turn to for help?

    Most important, take advantage of the expertise, experience and knowledge of a CLIA-certified travel agent. No type of vacation offers more variety than cruising; you'll enjoy extra satisfaction and that, after all, is what value really means by matching your cruise with your tastes, interests and budget. And, that is what CLIA's 16,000 travel agents around the country do best.




    Need help' Have Questions' Want More Information' Just call us. The call is free and so is the advice

    Blog Comments

    Cruise Travel Q&A: Where to find best cruise deals

    By Raye & Marty Trencher
    Cruise Traveler Magazine



    Q: Thank you for your cruise article, "Top 7 Cruise trends for 2015." The trends noted are a great way to start my research.  Can you share with us and your readers your favorite Web sites that offer the best cruise deals? My wife and I are planning a cruise in 2016.


    A: Don't just search the web, say using Google for something as generic as "cruises" on the Internet. If you do, you will get 34 Million Web Pages and sites about cruises, deals and discounts. If you pick any one of the top ten listed on Google, how do you know they really offer the best cruise deals? You don't. Finding the best offers can be a long and frustrating experience.  We'll help you narrow it down and steer you in the right direction.


    A reader asks:

    Q: What's the real difference between a Holland America and a Princess Cruise Tour of Alaska:

    A: Find The Answer Here





    Cruise Tip: When you view a site, look for an easy to use search engine so you can find cruise deals by cruise line, cruise ship, destination, departure port and date. Make sure you can also read the cruise reviews of the ship that you have an interest in. Be sure to read both professional travel writers comments and those of actual passengers who have sailed on that ship. Cruise reviews tend to be both positive and negative depending upon the expectations of the writer and their experience. Don't take any one review and depend on those comments to sway your decision, read dozens of reviews and see if there is a "consensus" of opinion about the ship, food service, ports-of-call etc.  The more you research, the more informed you are.



    To save you some time and effort, here are some cruise travel related websites ( ours and others )  to help you get started:

    1. Cruise Reviews Online
    One of the best tools you can use when shopping for your next cruise is to read what others have to say. Cruise Reviews Online has one of the largest and most respected databases of consumer and editorial cruise reviews on the Internet, with comments, complaints and reviews from passengers  The reviews are unbiased and unedited,. So, read up, as cruisers their share their experiences with you.

    2. Go Here. Get There. is a cruise travelers best way to get the latest news, cruise reviews, blog or participate in a forum and check out the latest cruise deals.
    Here you will find comprehensive profiles of ships and lines, including detailed deck maps, ship reviews, amenities listings color-coded cruise calendars, and virtual tours of most ships.
    Cruise Traveler Magazine
    Cruise Traveler Magazine is an online cruise magazine offering an unbiased cruise guide, latest cruise news, cruise reviews, tips, feature cruise articles, and need to know information about cruising. Featuring community member -contributed content. Editorially independent of travel providers or cruise lines.
    Cruise Lines International Association
    Cruise Lines International Association is the world's largest cruise association and is dedicated to the promotion and growth of the cruise industry. CLIA is composed of 23 of the major cruise lines serving North America.

    6. Cruise Watch
    Powered by Google's Search, this site gives you an instant link to cruises, indexed by destination. So if you know where you are going, say Europe or Mexico, one click gets you to the key websites listed by Google

    7. Cruise Direct Online
    Known as the "Cruise Travelers Ultimate Search Engine",  CBS News commented: "Click over to Cruise Direct Online and start imagining where you'd like to go. The site monitors the offerings and prices from twenty big cruise operators, including heavy hitters like Princess,
    Royal Caribbean and Holland America, and allows you to book cruises on a moment's notice. There are also links for special deals, reviews on cruise lines and itineraries, and tips on getting the most out of your cruise".

    8. Cruise Compete
    Here, travel agents compete for your business. You start by searching for the cruise you want, then you can request quotes from a number of travel agents, all anonymously and then get in touch with the agent, if you want to book it.

    9. Cruise Critic
    If you are into reading message boards, this is the place for you. They have thousands of them. 

    Cruise Tip: Be careful, don't rely on or believe everything you read. Some cruise lines have been know to give out rewards to those who post favorable comments on social networking sites ( not necessarily at any of the sites mentioned here ) so, not everything you read my be impartial.  Use a social networking site to find a cruise ship and itinerary you like, then visit any recommended site to find your best deal.

    10. Cruise Lines

    A word about booking directly with the Cruise line ? Cruise lines will always have a page dedicated to their cruise deals or specials offers. Check them out. But don't book it. Chance are you will spend more money then you have to. Instead take the cruise lines price and visit online or in person a reputable travel agent. In most cases, they can add shipboard credits, onboard amenities or even give you a discount over the cruise lines published price. Sign up for some form on a e-mail based price alert program with the cruises lines directly as well as through the travel agent. That way you will be kept current on all that's on offer.


    A Romantic Cruise Tip

    For a truly unforgettable evening, step outside on your balcony into the balmy summer air and share an outdoor, private celebration just for two ? Ultimate Balcony Dining allows you to enjoy a multi-course meal served by your own personal wait staff on your stateroom balcony. Your table is set with crisp linens, crystal glasses, fine china and colorful flowers in bloom. Featuring fresh lobsters and filet mignon, this unparalleled luxury is available for dinner.


    Have a question about cruising? Send it to Raye & Marty Trencher at


    Cheap cruises, deep discounts, compare offers, some of the best cruise deals, free upgrades, shipboard credits and more. More choices, more places than anyone... Search, Shop. Compare. Save. Over 24 cruise lines. More than 12,000 sailings. Last Minute Cruise Deals. Updated Daily.


    Did You Know?

    Cruising from the United States to exciting destinations has never been more convenient. In this economy, sailing from a U.S. port is one of the best ways to stretch your vacation dollar. With over 25 departure ports to choose from, your family can find the perfect cruise, so, you don't have to go far to feel a million miles away. Choose from hundreds of voyages to destinations like the Bahamas, Bermuda, Caribbean, Canada/New England, and Mexico, even Hawaii! All with the convenience of a short drive.


    The Top 5 Benefits of Cruising Close to Home

    ::  No flight expenses
    ::  No airport hassles
    ::  No need to check in, and out of hotels
    :: The ability to stretch your vacation dollar
    :: A short drive to a perfect vacation
    Bonus Benefits:
    :: Year-round cruising possibilities for 3 to 12 day vacations
    :: Close to Home ports will get you to the Caribbean, New England, Canada, Alaska,

    :: The Bahamas or Mexico for the ultimate getaway.


    Cruise Deals & Special Offers

    Exceptional Value. Remarkable Offers.

    You may be eligible for "unpublished" Onboard Spending Credits, Cash Back, Cabin Upgrades, 2 for 1 Fares, Low Solo Fares, Kids Sail Free or at Reduced Rates, Lower Deposits, Reduced Airfare, Senior Rates, Military Discounts, Mini- Group Rates, or Past Guest Deals not shown online. To get the latest up-to-the-moment special offers, discount prices, current fares, savings and cabin availability call us at 800.365.1445. Click on the highlighted listings below to view every deal before they're gone. Cruise Deals & Special Offers, setting sail as low as $49 per night!




    In To The Wild

    from $99 per day




    Insider's Guide To Savings

    Find the inside scoop on our best vacation offers. We update all of our deals on a daily basis, so check this page frequently to stay on top of travel savings.

    vacation packages, vacation deals, budget vacation, cheap vacations


    From the majestic tip of Mt. McKinley to the spectacular icefields of Glacier Bay, Alaska is unlike any other place in the world. There's no better way to see its pristine waters, snowy mountains, awesome humpback whales, and forest-covered islands than on a cruise. Colorful ports of call include the historic gold rush village of Ketchikan, as well as Juneau, Alaska's capital city. The untamed beauty, the vast land, and the abundant wildlife, make for a cruise experience that's truly unforgettable.


    Family Vacation Deals

    Find family resort vacation deals in popular destinations. Get guaranteed low prices on family trips to Orlando, Tampa, Anaheim, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and more.


    Beach Vacation Deals

    Find great deals on beach vacations. Get guaranteed low prices on beach getaways in sunny Caribbean destinations


    Few destinations boast as much sun-drenched tropical beauty or cultural diversity as the islands of the Caribbean. This region has a distinctive fusion of influences from Europe, Africa and Latin America, which make up a wonderful quilt-work of cultures amongst a breathtaking backdrop of lush tropical jungles, fresh water caves, white-sand beaches, charming cities and ancient ruins.


    Adventure Vacations - Great Deals

    Find adventure vacation deals in popular destinations worldwide. Get guaranteed low prices on cruises to Alaska, Mexico, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and more.

    Rekindle the passion of life with a Mediterranean cruise or a Greek Island cruise. Be swept away by the romance of Venice or the sparkle of Monte Carlo. Be inspired by what once was in Athens. Discover the history and culture of these cities that grace the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Absolutely Affordable Relaxation
    Save on Spa-Centric Escapes From $450

    Sometimes, you want a vacation that's pure relaxation. Replace early morning assignments with late afternoon soaks, schedule a massage instead of a meeting, and clear your over-stuffed calendar. With savings on everything from hot rock massage to cool cucumber facials, not even your budget will be stressed. Book your spa getaway today.


    Need help choosing a destination or cruise? We are pleased share our knowledge and point you in the right direction. Get started here


    If you've never cruised before, you probably have a boatload of questions. That's why we created this indispensible first-time cruiser's guide, filled with useful cruising tips, expert advice, and more.

    If you've never cruised before, you probably have a boatload of questions. That's why we created this indispensible first-time cruiser's guide, filled with useful cruising tips, expert advice, and more.

    Find answers to your most pressing questions, get advice on how to choose the perfect ship, cruise line, and stateroom, use the cruise destinations guide to plan your trip, and learn more about the action-packed activities that await onboard. Get your sea legs before you sail with our first-time cruiser tips.



    A Beginner's Guide To Cruising

    Cruise 101

    Well, there's a first time for everything.

     So read up, and check out our

    Beginner's Guide to find the answers to all your cruising questions.


    First Time Cruisers ? What to Know Before You Go



    Group Cruises

    Fun, Affordable, and a

    Unique Way to Celebrate

    Trying to get the whole gang together? Group cruises are a fun-tastic, hassle-free way to vacation when you need eight or more staterooms. Our Group Cruise Specialists will help you choose the right destination and the perfect ship, plus book your airfare, hotels, and shore excursions. Also, you won't get stuck with the bill because everyone can pay separately, and as the group cruise leader, you'll receive a free cruise fare. This vacation, let us do all the planning while you get all the credit--book a group cruise getaway.


    FREE Group Cruise Quote

    Who goes on a group getaway cruise?
    :: Bachelor or Bachelorette party at sea
    :: Family or College reunion
    :: Group of friends
    :: Yours or a friend's special birthday
    :: Co-workers
    :: Neighbors
    :: Relatives
    :: Professional organizations
    :: Business meetings

    Whales, sea lions, otters, eagles, bears and an incredible diversity of seabirds can appear seemingly from out of the blue. And an onboard naturalist is always on hand during our cruises to offer insights into each new animal sighting. Journey into the pristine waters of the Great Land with Princess Cruises, voted the Best Cruise Line in Alaska five consecutive years by readers of Travel Weekly. From soaring snowcapped mountain peaks to magnificent glacier-rimmed fjords and colorful marine life



    What is a Luxury Cruise?


    Luxury sailings take place on a wide variety of ships sailing to destinations all over the world. But some commonalities include:

    Unparalleled Service
    From the dining room ma?re d' to your friendly stateroom steward, the staff onboard a luxury cruise ship is well trained in putting your needs first. Spoil yourself silly by booking a suite, and enjoy the unparalleled services of a butler who will act as your personal cruise concierge. He'll make you a memorable martini, handle your dry cleaning, and arrange for spa services or shore excursions. He might even draw you a bath after a vigorous day in port.
    All-Inclusive Pricing
    Many luxury brands include loads of perks in their pricing that mainstream lines do not. Costs like gratuities, sodas, and alcoholic beverages add up quickly. When these expenses are factored into the price of luxury sailing, you might pay more upfront but save in the end.
    Top-Notch Amenities
    Everything on a luxury ship--from the shampoo in your stateroom to the real marble flooring in the foyer--should be of the finest quality. High thread-count sheets, flat-screen televisions, and comfy bathrobes should all be standard appointments.
    Gourmet Meals
    Award-winning cuisine and menus devised by world-renowned chefs, including Jacques Prin and Nobu Matsuhisa, are commonplace on luxury ships. Alternative dining options are fantastic, full room-service menus are available, and main dining meals cater to a wide variety of discriminating palates.
    Unique Itineraries and Excursions
    Smaller luxury ships can squeeze into ports that mega-ships are simply too big to visit (for example, the fashionable ports of Capri and Portofino). Plus, some of the shore excursions offered by luxury lines are simply mind-boggling. Take a MiG fighter jet flight over Moscow, or test drive a Cayenne on the Porsche factory?s racetrack in Leipzig, Germany. The options are limitless.
    Uncrowded Environment
    Often, luxury ships are smaller, but their staff-to-guest ratios are higher than mass-market brands, meaning that deck chairs are plentiful and you won't have to wait long for someone to refresh your drink or assist you with your bags.





    My husband Marty & I are a husband and wife team with more than 30 years experience cruising the world. Our commentary has been quoted by MSNBC, CNN,  Budget Travel, Chicago Tribune, the New York Times and in syndicated travel columns and online sites across the country.


    We are publishers of Cruise Travel Magazine, and  are also editors of Cruise Reviews Online. Our mission is plain and simple. To provide real-life accounts and expert advice, not just a flood of information. We literarily have cruised "round the world", sailing thousands of nautical miles, visiting ports of call, inspecting ships, sampling itineraries and critiquing shore excursions... And now we hope to pass on that knowledge and information to you. Our stories offer the best possible cruise options based on your lifestyle, interests, budget, travel experience, we'll point out where to get group rates( without joining a group!), free upgrades, shipboard credits and other amenities or discounts. Get advise about tipping; packing; clothing; flights and schedule options; shore excursions, proper immigration documentations and much more.


    We tell you how to avoid travel scams and common travel mistakes, and share insights on the latest cruise news and how it affects your vacation planning.




    Find the Best of The Best Cruise Deals


    See this week?s best: Caribbean Cruise Deals, Bermuda Cruise Deals , Alaska Cruise and Cruise Tour Deals, Europe Cruise Deals, Mexico Cruise Deals, Canada and New England Deals. More Cruise Deals For Less. Choose your perfect cruise. Plan, research or book online or by phone. 

    Searching for some very good cruise deals? Find a sea of bargains Here


    We provide these resources so you can save on all inclusive vacation packages and find deals on hotel, car and flights. When you click on any link you will be leaving us to visit an independent travel-services provider.



    This Week's Top 10 Trip Ideas:
    The many sounds of paradise are calling you, and these trip ideas will guide you to your dream vacation, for less. Hear the clink-clink of poker chips as you ante up in a lively Las Vegas casino. Let the fizzle of uncorked champagne put a smile on your face as you lounge poolside at a Caribbean resort. The sound of breezy mountain air, as it wafts lazily through the aspens, will be alpine music to your ears.
    Tempt all your senses--

    book your ideal getaway

    today and save.


    Save an average of $340 when you book a vacation package.


    Ready to save big? The clock?s ticking on this one? Great deals on hotels worldwide.


    The Low Fare Alert page is updated every day. Find deals to where you want to go!


    Plus get free onboard credit, upgrades, and more.Book now to take advantage of these exclusive offers.


    Plus a chance to win big! Book with your American Express to save and win!


    Save up to 60% on Your Next Cruise!


    Flight + 4-Night Hotel from $539!  Grab the sunscreen

    and go.


    Find Deals and savings tools, an unprecedented Price and Service Guarantee, and more.


    Disneyland? magic, Pacific waves, and California sun.

    Book now and get it all.


    Depart from New York and enjoy big savings. Cruise to the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and beyond.



    Exceptional Value. Remarkable Offers.

    From sea to shore, from must see sights to must-do adventures, to departure dates, everything you need to know about shore excursions before you go on your cruise. Such as our Ultimate Shore Trips List. The definitive guide to what to do ashore on your next about exciting locales in Destinations Uncovered...or learn more about our readers favorite shore tours for the kids and teens, seniors or active couples. All the Tips and tricks to have a successful cruise vacation." Click on the highlighted listings below to view every shore excursion deal before they're gone.


    Shore & Land Excursion Offers, from as low as $39 per person!



    Top Cruise Vacation Package Deals



    Alaska - Caribbean - Europe



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    :: Download a passport application!

    United States Customs

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    U. S. State Department

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    :: Country Background Notes

    :: Overseas Security Advisory Council

    :: Human Rights Report

    :: Public Announcements

    Travel Health

    :: CDC Sanitation Inspections of Cruise Ships by ship.

    :: Motion Sickness

    :: Center for Disease Control

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    Destination Articles

        Cruise Traveler Magazine

    :: Alaska's Lure Of Adventure

    :: Cruise lines Offer Flexible Dining

    :: A New Dawn in Shanghai

    :: Mallorca:

    The Island Of Tranquility

    :: Antarctica:

    The Seventh Continent

    :: Panama Canal:

    The History Journey

    :: Set Sail in Asia:

    Far East, Far Out! 

    :: The Last Days of Pompeii

    :: The Yukon Flotilla

    :: Giants of the Deep

    :: The Paris of South America

    :: Jewels of the Jungle

    :: New Year's Traditions

    Around the World






    Romantic Destinations





    Which long walk on the beach will be your favorite? St. Maarten, San Juan, Barbados, St. Croix these are just a few of the incredible itineraries and destinations you can choose from.

    Alaska - Caribbean - Europe

    A Must See Web Site


    Check out the 2010 Girl's Get-A-Way cruise hosted by Karen Kingsbury! If you've met Karen before, you know how much she enjoys spending time with new friends. Whether you are looking for a place of encouragement through fellowship or maybe just a break from the daily grind with some new friends, this cruise may be for you. Visit..  

    Cruises Close To Home


    There are 24 departure ports in the United States and Canada that are ready to welcome you. Just click on a link to find a port nearest you to start planning your next cruise.

    Alaska - Caribbean - Europe


    Click here for a list of every port visited by every cruise ship in our database. Over a Thousand! Hint: If you would like to see all of the sailings that visit a port, click on the port name. For example, if you are interested in a cruise that stops in Venice, Italy, click the link for Venice, Italy.


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