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  • Experience the lure of life on the sea with our most popular cruises.

  • Treat yourself to the splendor, extravagances, and first-class amenities of our luxury cruise liners.

  • Plan your next sojourn on a remarkable river cruise.

  • Globe trot, continent hop, and sail the seven seas on our magnificent world cruises.

  • Invite the kids along for a family cruise promising entertainment for family members of all ages.

  • Sail away on a cruise to nowhere and revel in the freedom of a destination less journey.

  • First time cruisers are certain to fall in love with life aboard our cruise liners.

  • Hop on board the cruise lines and ships for unforgettable getaways on the high seas


Deals and Discounts from the World's Best Cruise Lines

Cruise on the world's top cruise lines including Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. On Expedia, you're guaranteed to find deals on cheap cruises and offers for these leading cruise lines and ships. When you book cruises on Expedia, you can be confident that your cruise is from a premier cruise line and has the cheapest cruise prices available.


  • Experience the ultimate royal treatment on a Princess cruise.

  • Celebrity cruises give everyone a taste of the VIP life.

  • Hit the high seas Scandinavian style with Norwegian Cruise Line.

  • Discover the world’s most majestic rivers on a Viking cruise.

  • Channel your inner Snow White or Peter Pan on a magical Disney cruise.

  • Carnival Cruise Lines | Crystal Cruises | Oceania Cruises | Windstar Cruises | MSC Cruises | Costa Cruises

    Enjoy Top Cruise Destinations

    Expedia features cruise vacations at top cruise destinations around the world. Cruise to the sunny Caribbean, Bahamas or Mexico or a more adventurous location such as Europe or Alaska. Wherever your destination, you're sure to find the cruise vacation of your dreams on Expedia.


  • Book a cruise to Alaska, and get ready to uncover the arctic grandeur.

  • Caribbean cruises are your tickets to a palm-fringed paradise.

  • Say aloha to America’s exotic islands with our cruises to Hawaii.

  • Sail to pink sands, coral reefs and endless relaxation on a cruise to Bermuda.

  • The colorful atmosphere of Latin America is yours to adore with our cruises to Mexico.

  • Panama Canal Cruises | Transatlantic Cruises | Europe Cruises | Bahamas Cruises | Tahiti Cruises | Australia / New Zealand Cruises | South Pacific Cruises | Canada / New England Cruises

    Ideas and Discounts for your Cruise Vacation

    There are many options for finding deals for cruises on Expedia. Whether you're looking to book early and plan to set sail with your family, deciding as a newly married couple on one of many honeymoon cruises, or are scrambling to find last minute cruises, you'll find the best deals and discounts on cruises here — guaranteed!


  • Cozy up to the Caribbean or bask in the Bahamas on a cruise from Galveston.

  • Go from Maryland metropolis to lush island paradise with our cruises from Baltimore.

  • Cruises from Miami whisk you away to Bermuda, Barcelona, and everywhere in between.

  • Sail off on a weekend jaunt or settle in for a world excursion with our cruises from New York.

  • Cruises from New Orleans are the perfect way to start your trip to the Caribbean.

  • cruises from boston | cruises from tampa | cruises from san diego | cruises from san francisco | cruises from los angeles | cruises from seattle

    Take an All-inclusive Cruise Vacation

    Vacation cruises offer all inclusive benefits. Many discount cruises can include your stateroom, meals, and entertainment costs into one great cruise deal. Whether you prefer constant activities or just kicking back by the pool, cruises are a great opportunity to shape your vacation.


  • A luxurious getaway is calling your name with our cruises to the Bahamas on Norwegian Cruise Line.

  • Getting to the islands is a cool, tropical breeze with our cruises to the Caribbean on Carnival Cruise Lines.

  • Mix first-class amenities with beach-town style on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line excursion to the Caribbean.

  • Take a trip worthy of your bucket list with our cruises to Alaska on Carnival Cruise Lines.

  • From weekend getaways to week-long vacations, our cruises to Bahamas on Carnival Cruise Lines are designed to delight.

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