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Raye and Marty Trencher's CRUISE CHANNEL offers an unbiased cruise guide, latest cruise news, cruise reviews, tips, feature cruise articles, and need to know information about cruising. Featuring community member contributed content. Cruise Reviews. Cruise Ship Ratings and Cruise Line Rankings. Editorially independent of travel providers or cruise lines.



The Cruise Channel with Raye and Marty Trencher offers vacationers insight into the world of cruising with help from travel and cruising experts as well as seasoned travelers and first time cruisers. This web site is your personal guide to your best vacation ever.  Explore cruises close to home or travel to the far reaches of the World. In addition to unique weekly topics, behind the scenes stories, exclusive insight, the show features special giveaways, and highlights the cruise industry's legacy of providing experiences that are unique and not found on other vacations and delivering innovative shows, entertainment and activities that challenge your imagination. Go explore.....

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You Can Get Exclusive Cruise Savings Based On Where You Live!

Resident Rates

Looking for new ways to cruise for less? Here's a cruise tip that even experienced cruisers may not know. Start your search for a low-cost cruise by researching resident rates. Click on this link: Exclusive Resident Specials! Enjoy Reduced Rates on Select Sailings Where you live could entitle you to exclusive savings. Once the page opens, just click on your home state or region to unlock special fares. Plus, while you're shopping, look for resident rate reminders under the price.

  Helpful Cruise Travel Articles

This Week's

Top 10 Destinations

Personalized Cruise Recommendations just for you!

We rate the top cruise destinations, sailing dates and ships

Driving Directions To Pier

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Airport and Pier Security

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Shopping for a cruise? We reveal the often overlooked steps to more savings

• About The Hosts

Cruise Travel Advisors, Authors and Publishers Raye & Marty Trencher are a husband and wife team with more than 30 years experience cruising the world sailing thousands of nautical miles, visiting ports of call, inspecting ships, sampling itineraries and critiquing shore excursions They are the Editors and Publishers of Cruise Traveler Magazine and Cruise Reviews Online. Their mission is plain and simple.  Provide tips and resources to help first-time cruisers and seasoned travelers navigate the web in search of the best cruise deals, objective cruise reviews and cruise destination information.

Create a Radio Show and Reach Millions.


Cruise Tips: Know Before You Go

  All About Cruising

Explore, relax or reconnect. Find the cruise destination of your choice. Ask The Experts then, choose a cruise that's right for you.

Cruise Deal Secrets Revealed!

Keyword list helps cruisers find cruise deals online. "How to" steps make the process faster, easier and more productive.

20 Winning Strategies

To Finding The Best Cruise Deals

Follow this strategy to savings, great fun and fond memories.

What to pack for a cruise? - ultimate cruise packing list gives you everything you need to take on a cruise vacation, Add your own packing tip, share your expereince with others.

How to find special cruise deal rates based on residency, age or past cruising experience.

Everyone's favorite kind of deal is an unbeatable one - and we've got plenty of those. If you're a fan of low, low rates, then click on any of the links below.  Many of these cruises come with great extras too, like free shipboard credit, free upgrades, and more on select sailings.

Did you know?  Cruise ships often provide a boatload of savings.

In fact, cruising costs $1,000 less on average than a traditional land-based vacation.

 More Great Cruise Deal Tips

 • Last Minute Cruises and Cruise Deals Sale

Find Cheap Cruises up to 80% Off! Compare offers: Cruises with FREE upgrades. Cruises with FREE  onboard Spending Credits.  Search all: Last Minute Cruise Deals, Last Minute Cruise Ship Sailings and Last Minute Cruise Line Offers.

 • Travelers' Guide To Savings 
Travelers' Guide To Savings - Why Are Cruises A Good value? - Find Top Cruise, Hotel, Flight, Car and Vacation Deals. It is a straight forward money-saving travel guide to savings

 • Did You Know....

The most overlooked way to stretch your dollar is to form your own cruise group.

Traveling with family or friends, or both, can lower costs enough so you can travel even when the economies not that good. Of course, most of us don't have the time - or inclination - to make the calls and do the research for an entire group. It's a big job. On the other hand, booking a group cruise is easy for a professional travel agent. Your agent can create a package that works for you, while your group will realize across-the-board savings  from group discounts that your agent discovers. Find out more information about Group Cruise Deals

Cruise Travel Topics

• Family Guide To Cruising 
Family cruise vacation advice for a family going on a cruise and families who are planning on a cruise, family cruise vacation, or multigenerational family reunion.

• Cruise Poll: Undeterred by the state of our economy, more than 15 million passengers cruised last year. How did they rate their experience?

• Seniors Guide to Cruising
Seniors continue to make up a significant segment of the cruise industry. However, there are some things that seniors should consider when booking a cruise.

• Cruise-Related Articles

A great resource of relevant, on topic content for experienced cruisers and first-time cruise guests. Almost... everything you need to know about cruises. Over 500 Articles.

All About Cruising- Ask The Experts Guide

Are you looking for cruise tips, advice, destination information and where to find the best cruise deals. We've created a 16 page online guide for first-time cruisers to research cruise destinations and find some of the best cruise deals on the web without having to navigate through hundred's of web sites to find what they want. The Guide takes you to a choice of 16 of the world's most desirable destinations, provides background information on each locale, detailed city guides to get around, and what cruise lines go there. Read the Ask The Experts Cruise Guide


Want Better Travel Deals? Join the Club.

Getting a good price on your next cruise is about who you know -- and that’s not necessarily who you think. Some of the best cruise deals on sale courtesy of Ocean Adventures Club sm

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Read thousands of cruise ship, cruise line reviews and cruise ratings by travelers and cruise experts of today's most popular cruise ships.

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Destination Articles

    Cruise Traveler Magazine

• Alaska's Lure Of Adventure

• Cruise lines Offer Flexible Dining

• A New Dawn in Shanghai

• Mallorca:

The Island Of Tranquility

• Antarctica:

The Seventh Continent

• Panama Canal:

The History Journey

• Set Sail in Asia:

Far East, Far Out! 

• The Last Days of Pompeii

• The Yukon Flotilla

• Giants of the Deep

• The Paris of South America

 • Jewels of the Jungle

• New Year's Traditions

   Around the World

Cruise Tips

Know before

You Go

Featured are profiles of member cruise lines, answers to the most-often asked questions on cruising, a locator for names of CLIA-member travel agencies and travel agent associates, news releases on the latest news in the cruise industry, links to CLIA member lines and a destination guide showcasing hundreds of worldwide ports of call.

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Shore Excursions

Our Cruise Questions of the Week

Q. Many cruise-related web sites claim to have the best deals. Which one really does? Should we deal directly with the cruise line or is it better to book a cruise with an agent? Who will give us the better deal?

Find the answer here.

Q. How can I save money on shore excursions. Do I have to book them with the Cruise line? Are there reliable sightseeing operators who have cheaper prices?

Find the answer here.

Q. What travel documents and identification will I need for domestic and international cruise sailings? Do I have to have a Passport for a cruise to Europe, South America or the Caribbean, Bermuda or the Bahamas?

Find the answer here.

Q. How can I pay for an inside cabin and receive a balcony or even a suite?  Find the answer here.

College Of Cruise Knowledge

What to Know

Before You Go...

A wealth of information and knowledge about cruise lines, cruise ships, deck plans, onboard activities, destinations, ports-of-call and much more.






Regent Seven Seas 


Royal Caribbean 



Holland America 




Q: When can you get pricing for Caribbean Cruises for 2011? When would be the best time to book?
A: For most cruise lines, You can get pricing now and reserve your cruise. But if you wait until the "last minute" , about four to six weeks before sailing cruise lines will discount their rates if they have unsold inventory ( cabins ) to fill. This year, we have been some very low prices, as there are too many cruise ships that "winter" in the Caribbean. Talk to a travel agent who specializes in cruises; they are best equipped to give you advice on a cruise line or cruise ship that interests you.

  Princess, Regent, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Cunard, Norwegian, Holland America, Disney, Windstar, Crystal and Silversea cruise deals. Book a discount cruise deal online. Get Up-to-the-moment availability and cheap discount prices from Travelocity Partner Network.  

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Cruise Photo of the Week

Disney Cruise Line

Sails To Alaska!

Whale Watching, Glacier Trekking and Magical Excursions.


Disney Cruise Line

Alaska Cruises.

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