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Who are the Experts:


Where have Raye and Marty traveled?

The Caribbean,  Alaska, Mexico, Europe, Mediterranean, Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, French Polynesia, Tahiti, Hawaii and more.  Cruised to over 40 Countries with over a dozen cruise lines....Over 30 times.


A little bit of background...
Marty is a veteran travel professional. He has been a corporate travel executive for over 30 years. Along with eight years of retail cruise industry experience, he has handled corporate incentives for Pepsi and Ford, managed retail and wholesale tour operations, been a theme park/attractions marketing planner and directed one of the largest annual migration of British Tourists to Walt Disney World!
In addition to Cruise Reviews Online , he and his wife are also editors and publishers of Cruise Traveler Magazine. At Cruise Reviews Online you can read hundreds of cruise line and cruise ship reviews by travelers and cruise experts on today's most popular cruise ships. Unbiased and unedited, they share their experience with you. Cruise Reviews Online, is one of the most recognized leading resources for fair and objective information about cruise travel.
Together Raye & Marty have edited and published 'The Ultimate Cruise Guide". a cruiser travel reference guide book that is available free for the reading... online.
As an knowledgeable expert in the cruise industry,  Marty is a member of the Society of Industry Leaders, where he shares his expertise with members of the financial community conducting industry research. He has also been called upon to assist the media with expert comments on cruise industry news discussing everything from holiday travel trends to cruise safety.
Raye was an educator by profession with over 25 years of teaching experience. Her  experience, both as a mother and teacher bring a unique perspective to family and multi-generational travel. She writes for Dan and Molly's Dockside Cafe'  a travelogue and has worked in the travel industry for as many years as she has been teaching. Through the years, she has helped families from all over the world catch up with loved ones and creating new family memories at sea, noting that "a cruise vacation offers more variety and things to do for both grandparents and children than on a land-based vacation plus a cruise brings everyone together to share a once-in-a lifetime family experience".
Raye loves to cruise, likes the big ships to the small ones and always takes timeout to visit the grandkids.
 ( Marty prefers the opposite, the ships that is. )


Contributing Editors for Cruise Reviews Online.

Tauck Swiss JewelChris Dikmen and Rickee Richardson launched in June 2002. Mr. Dikmen is solely responsible for the technical development and Ms. Richardson is the Senior Editor and oversees all content.

Perhaps best known for their editorial cruise reviews, which are featured, at, Chris Dikmen and Rickee Richardson are also travel journalists. Together they have been on more than 60 cruises and traveled all over the world, documenting their experiences for our readers.
Since 2002, over 1 million consumers use their Cruise Reports found here each year to research their cruise vacations. Over 275,000 have registered with the network* as members.


Raye & Marty recently ( May 2009 ) escorted 90 members of the Cameracraftsmen of America on an Alaska Cruise.


"The weather this week was incredible, 70 and sunny. Never saw a bit of rain...but, lots of whales, eagles, porpoise, bear, moose.....etc."

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